Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc. appreciates your role as an accredited veterinarian in the community. You are the primary professional who educates your clients about rabies. Clients rely on you and your clinic's team to safeguard their pets, and thus their families against this deadly disease. Conventional rabies vaccines administered by veterinarians will always remain the primary method of protecting pets and thereby humans against rabies.

Raboral V-RG was developed to create a secondary barrier against rabies by immunizing populations of wildlife in their natural environment. Raboral V-RG is a vectored vaccine, utilizing a vaccine-strain of Vaccinia virus as the live vector. This technology allows delivery of a thermostable rabies vaccine contained within edible baits over large geographic areas.

In response to regional rabies outbreaks (i.e., the raccoon strain in the Atlantic east coast and the canine strain in south Texas) state and federal agencies have successfully used Raboral V-RG in regional and state wildlife rabies control programs. In the United States, Raboral V-RG was licensed for use in raccoons in 1997 and for use in coyotes in the year 2002. Prior to licensure by the USDA, the vaccine was approved for environmental release and a wide range of safety was demonstrated by testing it in more than 60 non-target animal species, including primates. It is only available for purchase by governmental agencies involved in rabies control programs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and ask for your continued partnership in providing rabies prevention information to your community. Your involvement in primary vaccination of domestic animals, as well as acting as an information source for wildlife rabies control efforts, is critical to successfully controlling rabies outbreaks. Please take the time to educate yourself about Raboral V-RG and the wildlife immunization program explained on this website so you can accurately educate your clients. If you have any questions after reviewing this site, please Contact Us.